Kayla + Vance

Kayla and Vance could not be more of a dream to photograph. 

These high school sweet hearts are truly meant for each other. The way they interact is so loving and playful, even after years of dating. 
I was thankful to have the opportunity to not only photograph this handsome couple, but to talk for hours after- hearing their hearts for the Lord, community, and what a healthy marriage looks like. 

I can't WAIT to shoot their wedding in September. I already know it's going to be gorgeous.


P.S. there's also a video at the end of our adventure!!


So, while shooting their engagements, my insanely talented husband filmed them. So here's a little behind the scenes of our shoot! 


Thank you, Kayla and Vance, for being such a wonderful couple to photograph AND to know. Clint and I love you guys!

Leigh Ann + Michael Wedding

I mean, the way they look at each other says it all. That candid little playful giggle and admiring glance that replayed itself throughout the night. 

The way that the wedding day didn't feel at all like a production. It felt like two best friends committing to an adventure together. 

And the way... well... just watch it for yourself and see..

This wedding was a joy to capture. And you don't meet people this genuine and loving every day. Much less, get to watch their love story: with each other, and with God, play out in front of your lens. 

Thank you, Leigh Ann and Michael, for letting me into your intimate space to create a little piece of the day. I hope that you watch it over and over. 



Sarah + Brendan Engagement

This couple welcomed in Fall like nobody's business. 

The beautiful field, a vintage family quilt, and dock at sunset? Perfection. 

During the session, I was able to sneak a little video in. Check out this short film of our shoot- below. 

Jessica + Robert

Shoots like this remind me why I love my job so much. 

This couple wanted their engagement photos to be authentic and adventurous, and I couldn't have been more on board. 

To fully embrace the different sides of their personalities, we stopped at several different locations ranging from downtown to a wooded park, and ending with a well deserved October Ale in the Bishop Arts. 

Ashli + James

I had the pleasure of shooting the wedding of my cousin and his beautiful wife, Ashli. Here are a few quick snap shots of the day. Can't you just feel the love? 

Marriott Menu

Hello there. 
While I am normally shooting humans, today I got to shoot (and eat) one of my favorite things: FOOD. 

JW Marriott just opened in downtown, and it's about the classiest/swankiest thing to hit Houston. I was honored that they asked me to come photograph their new dishes. And then- I got to eat every last little expensive bite of them. So... today was pretty awesome. 

Freak Accident

The great mystery of the cyber web has swallowed up all my content. Over a year of stories and pictures for the site. Gone. 

All that to say,  I have been slowly reinventing this place. 

Stay tuned. 


Brooke and Dru are married!

This last week, I had the amazing opportunity of capturing a wedding with main shooter Cottonwood Road Photography. 

The wedding was absolutely beautiful, heartfelt and authentic. I was lucky enough to grab a video of their grand exit. 

Cheers to Brooke and Dru!