Kayla + Vance

Kayla and Vance could not be more of a dream to photograph. 

These high school sweet hearts are truly meant for each other. The way they interact is so loving and playful, even after years of dating. 
I was thankful to have the opportunity to not only photograph this handsome couple, but to talk for hours after- hearing their hearts for the Lord, community, and what a healthy marriage looks like. 

I can't WAIT to shoot their wedding in September. I already know it's going to be gorgeous.


P.S. there's also a video at the end of our adventure!!


So, while shooting their engagements, my insanely talented husband filmed them. So here's a little behind the scenes of our shoot! 


Thank you, Kayla and Vance, for being such a wonderful couple to photograph AND to know. Clint and I love you guys!